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FileAmigo Support

Project Management

Even FileAmigo premium products need occasional support. Our Help files and ReadMe files contain many answers and most often resolves an issue. In addition, FileAmigo contains help text throughout the application.

Your issue may have already been addressed in an updated release of FileAmigo. The revision history is shown below. We recommend keeping up to date with the latest version.

Note: Check out our faq's page for help with correcting errors.






Product Release.


11.0.76 through 11.0.200

Corrected Custom Search and Email double-click,
Webpage window opened independently.
Changes made to avoid error -2147467259 (80004005).
Minor changes to correct confusion about adding reports.
Double buffering added to grids.
Date/Time data entry includes highlighting the time.
Minor changes including optional report parameter values.
Validate version 7 for upgrading.
Correct display choices for large number of fields.
Thumbnails in grids will fully display while scrolling.
Copy reports and custom searches for quickly made variations.
Corrected selection of Yes/No fields in reports.
Added additional date validations.
Corrected column selection and sort choice issues for large field counts.
Fixed export comma issue for cvs files.
Fixed leap year date edits.
Allow Access 2010, 32 bit.
Corrected formula operator issue.
Corrected ComboBox issue with formulas.
Corrected 'Contains' issue for a report filter value.
Fixed issue with rule value lengths.
Corrected import issues and report/export unicode issues.
Subdata reporting corrected.
Possible delete file issue corrected.
Data truncation warning added when reducing a field size.
Additional checking for permissions at startup.
Corrected foreign currency/number calculations.
Minor changes for Windows 8.
Provides a notice about new versions.
Report filter list on first field defaults to selected record.
Keep LAN connection open.
Logo can be added to reports.
Template issue corrected.
Find duplicates in grid.
Select duplicates in reports.
List of fields for reports includes category names for complex sql, ie FROM *.
Better message when higher file version found in LAN.
Unicode supported for text imports/exports.
Updated List and Range report filters.
Added report filter Does Not Contain.
Upgraded User/File Security.
Improved backup information.
Data now resides in \ProgramData.
Numerous minor updates/corrections.
Template issue with ranges fixed.
Font size is the same as the grid for editing.



Changes for DPI scaling.
Selected font size used for all windows.
Find/Update can now update blank values.

Please contact us if you have the latest version of FileAmigo and cannot find your answers within the application documentation. We will normally respond via email within 1 or 2 business days If not, please contact us directly via email.

Please include enough detail about the steps to recreate the issue. Without this information, we may not be able to recreate the problem.



Windows Version: 

 Service Pack: 



Note: FileAmigo LE does not include technical support.


Example: Project Management, Mailing Lists, Email Lists, etc.


Previous Versions

Previous versions are available for your convenience. Use these downloads to restore operating versions of previous FileAmigo software versions. Licenses for these products are no longer available. These versions will not be updated.



FileAmigo Pro 7.3


Download (15.2MB)

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