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FileAmigo Reviews

Microsoft Office

FileAmigo has been used to solve many information management challenges. Large businesses, small businesses and individuals too have found many ways to use FileAmigo for organization and ease of use. FileAmigo interfaces with Microsoft Office for mail-merges via Microsoft Word and spreadsheets via Microsoft Excel.

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Here are a few of the reviews that we have received.

Kakejobry, CNet   

"Perfect program for my office and client needs. Easy to use and understand. An absolute must for my business. I can keep all my clients information, notes and pertinent data in one easily accessible program."

Rod Logsdon, Fusion eCycling, Inc.   

"We are an IT Asset Recovery company and require a custom database for our use when auditing items we receive before placing them into inventory. I tried developing a database using FileMaker Pro and found that to be overwhelming. FileAmigo LE fits our needs perfectly. I especially like the reporting features."

H. Brewer,   

"I thought the previous version was easy to use and a great program, but you've done the impossible and even improved on that. I've used your excellent program for some time now for my household inventories, important records, contact lists, job lists, you name it. FileAmigo has done it for me and kept me informed at the touch of a mouse button. It's so easy to use yet so powerful! Gone are the days of hunting for that scrap of paper with a reminder jotted down on it. Just click that icon on the desktop and you have all the info on your screen."

Rascal, CNet   

"Excellent Free Database Program. When I started losing track of what books I had already purchased, I decided it was time to catalogue them. I tried Microsoft's Database program and found it very unwieldy. After trying some other progs, I stumbled on FileAmigo LE. It was perfect for my needs, easy to setup, and after I setup what I thought I wanted it was easy to change. It allows import from other programs, reports are easy to setup, and the sort features are awesome. It also has some basic templates. For a free program FileAmigo is a great choice."


"Of the many free and 'low'-cost databases out there, only FileAmigo seems to import files without some kind of error. It is also extremely fast. I currently have over 32,000 files in a database and FileAmigo works with it blindingly fast with no noticeable wait states to sort and display on a search."

P. Mann   

"I use FileMaker Pro and a friend of mine was very impressed with it but could not afford to purchase it. I recommended FileAmigo LE to him, as it appeared to be similar to FileMaker Pro. He downloaded FileAmigo LE and has been very pleased with it. Excellent piece of software and free as well! Keep up the good work."


"Ottimo programma, veramente risolutivo, e semplice, ha tutto quello."

Mark Sign   

"Excellent software! I needed a database to keep track of graphics files for Billboard customers. I needed links to the actual file plus I wanted to be able to send emails quickly from the database. I began to try to create a db in Access. What a pain! FileAmigo did in a few minutes, what I couldn't do in many, many hours trying to learn Microsoft Access."


"A satisfied customer! I looked around the web and found a program that works perfectly for what I want. I'm using the freeware FileAmigo LE edition and I've already got it all rigged up. I don't have Microsoft Office and really don't need it. I certainly didn't want to spend the $$ for Access... talk about overkill. This little gem seems just perfect for the job. It only took me an hour or so to get it figured out and my data imported. I'm already using it and it works great!"

Shafi Goroo   

"Great software! Saved lot of time for me. Over all a great tool to have."

A VERY Satisfied Customer, CNet   

"So's GENIUS! This application saved my life! For a solid week I was looking for a simple no-frills app to make a quick database. With other apps, I had to jump through hoops and it wasn't what I was looking for. This, I just jumped right in, created the database to my exact needs in just a few minutes! It saved me so much time, I am truly thankful for this application and it's developers. If you want a quick database management program, without a doubt, this is it!"

B. W. McGehee, DishServices   

"Thank you guys so much! I like this software. It does wonders for my Satellite Company!"

Satisfied User, CNet   

"Watch out Access!!! I found this program simple and intuitive. It is far easier to understand than Microsoft Access's complicated user interface. I was able to create a CD Inventory, a Membership List w/ attendance record, as well as a song list in less than an hour. It prints very detailed reports and even comes with several templates to use. Anyone who is frustrated with Access should definitely try this product. The makers of this free program should be very proud of their work. Five stars for FileAmigo!!!!"

N. Zouein, Geganet, Inc.   

"We use FileAmigo for customer balances, trouble tickets and customer support. The flexibility is amazing..."

N. Heuer, Baytides Management Inc.   

"I came across FileAmigo by accident, after having bought the wrong copy of Microsoft Office and being in desperate need for an MS Access like application. FileAmigo exceeded my expectations! Great product and great customer service!"

W. Brooks, Arlington, VA.   

"I keep my photos organized with FileAmigo. This software is better than the software that came with my camera."

Frank, CNet   

"Simple to use! I found this to be a very useful and full featured database program and easier to use than MS Access that I have. I haven't found any limitations in the program like other free software."

Frank Hewetson, South Africa   

"I am very impressed with your product because it is very professional and simple to use."

Joe Wyman, Eureka, CA.   

"I was considering using FileMaker Pro to catalog my scientific papers. But FileAmigo LE works fine, and it's free."

J. Frydman, Miami, FL.   

"FileAmigo is really great! It's incredibly easy to use."

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