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Overview: Benefits, Features and Specifications

Data management in 3 easy steps:

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Choose the best method to create a file.

Add fields, delete them and move them around.

Define field properties.

In just a few minutes you will have a custom database. Creating custom reports is easy too.


Get organized and get control of information including data, documents, images and other files, emails and URL's.
Use FileAmigo for tracking just about anything.
Get results fast, without technical skills.
Make better, faster decisions with access to current, selected information including reports that you design.
Keep the whole team up to date with file sharing, using FileAmigo Pro. Now your whole team can help to keep information up to date and everyone can access the current data.
Email address management saves time and ensures accurate email addressing.
Create mail merges immediately via MS Word; set up for you automatically.
Create spreadsheets immediately via MS Excel; set up for you automatically. Perform extended calculations and create graphs.




Print directly from data grids for selected columns and rows.
Design reports with just the data that you need.
Data grids optionally include thumbnails.
Store files as embedded or linked files including images, documents and other files. Includes Link File Management functions.
Import data from text files.
All data types are supported, including open-ended text fields.
Keep additional data for each record such as notes, schedules, contacts, change orders, history, and more.
Create files directly from delimited text files or by defining each field yourself.
Data management with file sharing via a network/server drive.
MS Office interface for MS Word and MS Excel with selected data.
Use aggregate values for data selection and for reporting including Min(), Max(), Avg(), Count(), Sum() and StDev().
Find/Update function operates on any text field.
Export data to delimited text files and optionally launch Word or Excel.
Copy grid data to the clipboard.
Custom searching for Data Records with pre-defined selection criteria, using SQL.
Reports optionally include totals, subtotals and counts.
Data grids optionally include totals.
Advanced user and file security.
Password locking for the design of the file and reports.
Advanced option of specifying SQL for report data selection.
Mass add new records such as action items, history records and more via a single transaction.
Email address lists are quickly created from selected data or reports. Managing email lists has never been easier.
Technical support.
Current Version. 11.0 11.0
License Fees (USD). FREE Buy


Operating System

Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Disk Space

60 MB +


The following prerequisites are checked at the start of the installation.
If these are not present a link is presented to install them.
• Framework 3.5
• Access 2007, or the 32 bit version of Access 2010, 2013, 2016 or its runtime library.


• Max File Size: 2 GB
• Data and SubData Designs: ~32 KB
• Files: No Limit Set
• Records: No Limit Set
• Record Size: ~4 KB
• Reports: No Limit Set
• Concurrent Users: 255

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