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Software so easy,
it straightens out the learning curve.
Design databases and reports without technical skills! Use a template or design your own database in minutes. It's easy to get started with our FREE version!

Colleen, The Fluffy Puppy, Ontario, Canada

"I have been using FileAmigo since early version 7 and it just gets better and better. But what really impresses me is the superb support via email and the rapid inclusion of desired features/fixes in releases. This means the software adapts to my needs and not vice-versa. Definitely the best data storage program for me!"
Andy Pritchard, Karamoja, Uganda

"I like your product very much. You've done a nice job. It's one of the most user friendly, intuitive database programs in its class."
Peter Gillan
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FileAmigo LE 11.0    FileAmigo Pro 11.0   
Free Software! Within minutes of installing FileAmigo LE, create a database, import data, add supporting data such as notes and action items, and create reports. Share networked databases with FileAmigo Pro. Security exists so that people have only the appropriate access.

Interface directly to MS Word for mail merges and MS Excel for spreadsheets.

Get all of the functionality in FileAmigo LE, and more... Get the details.

"FileAmigo is really great! It's incredibly easy to use."
J. Frydman

"Thank you guys so much! It does wonders for my Satellite Company!"
B. W. McGehee

Get organized today with our free software version:
FileAmigo LE.

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