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Frequently Asked Questions

We have received the following questions and thought it would help you if we made the answers readily available. If you do not see your question here, please send us email and we'll quickly respond.

FileAmigo requires Access 2007, the 32 bit version of Access 2010, 2013, 2016 or the installation of the Access 2007 Runtime. Do you want to install the Access 2007 Runtime now?

The existence of Access on your system is determined by checking keys in the Registry. A Click-to-Run version of Access cannot be used by FileAmigo; an Access runtime must be installed. If the installation of FileAmigo is not run as an Administrator, the Registry may not be readable. This means that it will appear that no version of Access is installed. To correct this, right click on the install program and choose to run it as an Administrator.

FileAmigo may terminate during the splash window, or you may receive an error message related to Access.

If you have a Click-to-Run version of Office or Access, FileAmigo cannot run. Click-to-Run installations of Office run in an isolated virtual environment on the local operating system. Some applications outside Office, including FileAmigo, may not be aware of where to look for the installation in the isolated environment. You may receive the error 'The operating system is not presently configured to run this application' or 'Unable to load odbcji32.dll' or FileAmigo may just stop. To remedy this you can download an Access Runtime library as follows:
Access 2007 Runtime, or Access 2010 Runtime, or Access 2013 Runtime.

Error: clr20r3, P4: system.configuration, P9: ioibmurhynrxkw0zxkyrvfn0boyyufow. Occurs immediately when starting FileAmigo.

There can be numerous reasons for this exception. It occurs when Windows is starting the application and FileAmigo is not yet running. We found that one reason for this is a corrupt machine.config file. We replaced the corrupt file with the machine.config.default file and the problem went away. If this does not correct the issue for you, try searches to find other solutions. More Info (Goggle search)...

Error# 5... The type initializer for "FileAmigo11.basDB" threw an exception.

Installing an upgrade of FileAmigo 11 includes an uninstall of the current version before installing the new version. Sometimes the automatic uninstall does not occur. To correct this, uninstall FileAmigo 11 and reinstall it.

I get an error -2147467259 (80004005) when starting FileAmigo.

A FileAmigo directory, subdirectory or file has Read-Only set or a limiting permission so that FileAmigo cannot update the file. Change the permissions for each directory, subdirectory and file to FULL CONTROL for all users. More Info (Goggle search)...

I'm using FileAmigo LE; how do I share data with others?

FileAmigo LE is a single user application. FileAmigo Pro has been designed for file sharing. For file sharing via a network drive, choose FileAmigo Pro.

How many FileAmigo Pro licenses do we need?

A license is required for each person using FileAmigo Pro.

Are there any additional fees for FileAmigo Pro?

No! The license fee is a one-time fee and includes all updates for the current major version. For instance, all version 11 releases are free for licensed users, but a new major version will require an upgrade charge.

Is a CD available for FileAmigo Pro?

No. Each application is available as a download from our web site.

What's the return policy for 1 or more licenses?

When the licenses are sent to you, in effect they cannot be returned. This is because the license key files can be copied. As a result it's impossible for us to accept returned licenses.

Does FileAmigo Pro provide for security?

Yes! Advanced security is provided for both users and files. Users are defined with usernames and passwords. One or more profiles are defined for each file that you create. File security profiles can then be assigned to users in any combination.

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